Starting an agribusiness is no walk in the park. Your product may be one of the best things that could ever happen to your potential customers, but you won’t ever know until you’ve found the right market for it.

If you’re starting a new farming business and have no idea where or who to sell your products to, here are a few tips and tricks that can help you out.

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Begin By Understanding the Value of Your Product

Before you go on to look for the right market for your product, you must understand the value it’ll bring to the customers so that you can confidently market it to the right audience.

This is a great step for understanding the unique selling point of your product as well.

What makes your product so special that consumers would want it?
Is it hyper-local and pesticide-free?
Does it have a longer shelf life and a year-round availability?

Answering these questions will help you formulate a better understanding of what you need to look for in a market for your product.

Top Markets You Can Approach

You may have started with a stall at the farmer’s market, but you must seek bigger markets if you want your business to grow. Here are a few markets you should consider expanding to.


Restaurants make for a great market because you’re working with individuals who know a good product when they see it. With the increasing popularity of farm-to-table dining, it’s the perfect time for you to approach restaurants.

One of the many benefits of this market is that you can easily customize your farm to grow what the restaurant needs. You can also sell a variety of your products to one market instead of finding different markets for each product.

Grocery Stores

If there are a few grocery stores in your area that carry and promote local produce and goods, you should approach them. With the rise in the demand for organic products, grocery stores are stocking up on naturally-grown and organic goods.

This gives your agribusiness an opportunity to sell your products to specialty food stores and even larger grocery chains. A good way to get started is to ask the store to feature a few free samples of your product and go from there.

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