While Kentucky is commonly known for its numerous rivers, vast forest lands, scenic hills, meadows, and swamplands, it’s strong agricultural community and capacity are equally impressive. The Southeastern state is home to some of the best-bred farms and auctions worldwide, along with the world-famous horse shows. According to the 2019 state agricultural overview released by the NASS-USDA, Kentucky boasts a staggering 74,800 farm operations spanning 12.9 million acres.

The state takes the lead when it comes to the production of corn (pure, grain, silage), soybeans, hay, haylage, tobacco, and wheat. Just last year, Kentucky contributed almost $5.3 billion to the national economy with its impressive crop production. Kentucky’s most notable livestock include cattle, goats, sheep, hogs, chickens, and broilers.

While favorable weather conditions, healthy soil, latest farming technologies, high-quality fertilizers, and seeds play a significant role in Kentucky’s astounding crop and livestock production—they’re not all the ingredients required for profitable farming. Similarly, successful ranching doesn’t only rely on the quality of feed, shelter, and breeding conditions.

Agricultural marketing is one of the primary determinants of long-term ranching and farming success.

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With his 30 years of experience in agricultural marketing and hedging against market volatility, Chris shares his valuable insights that will help you reduce, if not eliminate, your investment risk. The review will equip you with every piece of information you need to ensure your farming or ranching business’s long-term growth. Our clients can benefit from our daily newsletter to keep timely and regular tabs on what’s affecting commodities marketing in Kentucky. The newsletter will be emailed to your inbox every day from Monday to Friday.

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