The Robinson Review is a daily brief and succinct commentary on the global capital markets. It is distributed to subscribers by the end of each business day. The review addresses economic and technical trends from both short term and long term perspectives.

Navigate Volatile Agricultural Markets with Confidence with The Latest Commodities Marketing Updates!

For the past several years, the Robinson Review has been the top provider of sound marketing advice and concise commentary on the global capital markets. Robinson AG Marketing is dedicated to help farmers and ranchers become successful producers and, marketers by offering expert market analysis and updates on industry trends in states such as Ohio, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Texas. We want our clients to feel more confident as they navigate the volatile agricultural markets by offering expert consultations for:

  • Feeder cattle marketing
  • Live cattle marketing
  • Cotton marketing
  • Corn marketing
  • Oats marketing
  • Wheat marketing
  • Soybeans marketing
  • Commodities marketing

Chris Robinson, the brilliant mind behind the Robinson Review, offers individualized advice based on the true operation costs and goals of each client. With years of commodity experience and proven track record of success, Chris offers his clients regular market insights, industry benchmarks information, and the latest updates on economic and technical trends that could affect the agricultural market.

Get started with your risk management marketing today by subscribing to the Robinson Review and receive exclusive content through daily comments, live audio service, and regular phone updates!

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