The mid-western state, Nebraska, is known for its agricultural production and farming. This land of exhilarating plains, towering rock formations, and sand dunes is home to over 45,700 farmers. Though it takes the lead in corn production (grain, silage, whole), soybeans, hay, and haylage, it’s also famous for impressive yields of wheat, potatoes, sorghum millet, sunflower, peas, oats, and sugar beets. It doesn’t come off as a surprise that in 2019 these crops produced a value of over 12 billion dollars!

That’s not all; Nebraska isn’t just the hub for farming operations, but also for livestock inventory and milk production. Cattle production plays a significant role in the state’s economy, with over $6.5 billion worth of sales each year. Hogs and pigs, poultry and eggs, cattle and calves, pullets for laying flock replacement, broilers, and other meat-type chickens are the top livestock inventory items in Nebraska.

Whether you are new to commodities marketing in Nebraska or have been a part of its impressive agri market for many years, you can rest assured that it’s the best state for agricultural marketing. Nebraska’s glorious blue skies, lush crops, and sociable locals are just a handful of all the reasons why you can call it “home.”

Nebraska has stayed in the top 8 national rankings for its beef and veal exports, bean production, popcorn production, winter wheat production, soybean production, corn production and exports, commercial red meat production, hogs and pigs production, pork exports, and more national rankings, according to the Nebraska Department of Agriculture and USDA NASS. The state stands out every year for its impressive crop and livestock production and marketing.

Agricultural Marketing in Nebraska

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  • Wheat marketing in Nebraska
  • Live cattle marketing in Nebraska
  • Oats marketing in Nebraska
  • Feeder cattle marketing in Nebraska

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